Parish Council

The Parish Council of Panaghia of Island Park is composed of faithful men and women who are dedicated Orthodox Christians and who sacrifice their time, talents, and resources for the Church. The Parish Council in cooperation with the Presiding Priest, represent the parish, as clergy and laity together, and seek to fulfill the mission ascribed to them by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 



2021-2024 Parish Council Members

Executive Board

George Nikias - Parish Council President
Peter Rizik - Parish Council Vice President
Koula Panaghi - Parish Council Secretary
Andrew Babatsikos - Parish Council Treasurer
Christos Spirou - Assistant Treasurer


Parish Council Members

Pauline Alexander
Stella Arniotis
James Bogeatjes
Argyro Damiris
Jason Eliopoulos
Eric Fandaros
Nick Giannopoulos
Iakovos Kotjiapashis
Markos Markoulli
Christos Papadopoulos
Aris Papathanasiou
Despina Konstantaridis
Nick Tembelis
Christina Tzorbatzoglou